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C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry is proud to offer homeowners, renters and businesses with many different services in electrical and carpentry.  Some of our most common jobs include fault finding, replacing damaged wall receptacles, kitchen installations, custom cabinetry, EICR certification, solar panel installation and panel replacement. We are also proud to offer home extensions. 

Listed below are some of the services that C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry can provide to our customers. We are a full service electrical contractor and have experience in the three major areas of electrical work, that being residential, commercial and industrial, even being certified to explosive atmosphere environments such as oil refineries. C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry also offers high quality Carpentry services for your home or business. We are have our own on site joinery shop.

We are able to perform across all aspects of electrical and carpentry work from replacement of an outlet to a house extention. Here at C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry we are happy to advise our customers on the best way to create your dream living area, from the number of outlets needed and the best light fixtures for your home to the best material type and getting the most storage space out of a custom closet.



Have you always imagined having a electrical socket by your bed to charge your electronics? We can help you! C. Stretch Electrical and Carpentry offers all aspects of domestic electrics. Everything from a simple light fixture replacement to a full house rewire, we can do it all. Some of our most common domestic electrics include: Sockets, light fixture creation, house re-wires and consumer unit replacement.   

Most homes have a severe lack of storage in this country. Having lived and worked in North America for over ten years, C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry are proud to offer North American style closets. We can transform your home into a organized paradise. These types of closets aren't limited to bedrooms. We can also offer full pantries in your kitchen, or if space allows, a mud room. As well, no project is too small. Cover your panel with bespoke doors. In our custom joinery shop, we can create anything your home needs. 

Are your cabinets looking tired or are you are fed up with the amount of work top available? Consider a new kitchen! C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry is proud of the top notch services we offer when homeowners take this big leap. From the beginning plans, all the way to the competed project, we are there to help you and guide you through the process to have the kitchen of your dreams.

Solar Energy is our future. C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry is proud to be able to offer a variety of renewable energy options. We believe strongly in the importance of this type of energy, so much so, that Colin has installed in on his own home. We offer solar panels on your roof, outbuilding, or custom made structure. Also solar hot water via evacuated tubes. In addition, we install EV Charging ports for electric cars. 


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C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry have extensive experience in commerical and industrial enviroments. Anything from local farms, area businesses up to oil refineries. We are insured to take on the biggest projects and safety is paramount to us.  So is the importance of being able to be respond to emergencies as needed. This has been put into practice when serving local dairy farms, when the animals' health and safety is on the line. We are able to produce EICR certification in accordance with your business' insurance.

Fault finding is a speciality of C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry. Our success in fault finding is rarely, if ever, beaten on the Isle of Wight. We are proud to boast that we have never been defeated by a fault. Over twenty five years, thousands of faults located and cured. 

Create an additional room at your house, in the garden!  C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry is able to transform the outside of your residence into another living space. Anything from landscape lighting along pathways to installation of additonal outdoor grade sockets to up-lighting the outside on your home. We also have extensive knowledge of custom carpentry available for the garden. Such as decks, custom seating, pergolas and hottub installation. C. Stretch Electrical & Capentry also offer top notch fencing and custom gate creation and installation. 

Out of space?  Welcoming a new family member? Creating an office to work from home?  C. Stretch Electrical & Carpentry can help. Taking this step can be very daunting but also very satisfying. We will make this journey of creating a new extension as stressfree as possible by assuming the role of project manager. We work closely with a network of trusted, qualified sub-contraactors  from gas safe plumbers to liscenced architects. We work within a variety of budgets and can even  provide a dry shell for you to decorate and finish yourself. 

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